Rope construction

-  thermal rehabilitation, thermal insulation (polystyrene)
-  scraping, plastering and repair damaged plaster (building facades or blocks)
-  industrial sandings
-  interior cleaning cement silos
-  various fixtures in concrete structures or walls
-   repair and maintenance of high or difficult access roofs
-  scraping, plastering and repair damaged plaster (building facades or blocks).
-   closing gaps between blocks, restoring tightness expansion joints between concrete slabs
-  special works of decoration and building facades cleaning glass surfaces, cleaning after construction of stained glass, curtain walls and Alucobond, washing windows and facades of buildings
-  siliconizing windows, change windows (tall buildings, warehouses)
-  anticorrosive paint
-  vacuum cleaning ceilings and walls in production halls, storage
-  epoxy applications

Installation / removal of metal structures

-   assembling phone masts
-   wind structures
-   steel structure industrial hall

Maintenance metal structures

-   industrial sandings inaccessible places
-   industrial paint any paint range
-   cleaning and reconditioning through corrosion protection for water tanks, clarifiers, water treatment plants, silos, concrete plant, warehouse. tanks, silos, pylons, furnaces, water pipes, or other metal structures inside and outside

Services turbines

-   turbine installation assistance
-   anemometers and cable assembly posed
-   wind turbine maintenance
-   Cleaning and repair blades
-   inspection camera, video, ultrasound
-   painting pillars turbine
-  tightening
-   ice layer removal
-  other operations and maintenance pillars and pale


-   WAM antenna installation and wiring on poles metal structure
-    able for connecting cables routing power metal pillars
-    routing grounding conductors on buildings and metal pillars
-    assembly / disassembly and orientation of GSM antennas, radio and TV
-    re painting pillars (transmission)
-    mounting feeders
-    achieving full or partial sites
-    achieving electricity interconnection
-    verification of mechanical joints, screws and electrical connections

Maintenance of ventilation systems

-   installation, lifting ventilation and chimney at height or in difficult places
-    demolition of chimneys
-    ventilation duct cleaning


-    assembly / disassembly posters, banners, letters volumetric space, light boxes, meshes, commercials, backlituri, frontlituri or other advertising stickers, billboards forex, blueback sites; cutting sites, templates, billboards, etc.
-    inscriptions logos silos, warehouses, firms

Other rope access services:

-    lifting heavy equipment
-    escalating house (door unlocking)
-    measurements in inaccessible blocks
-    releases risk areas (icicles, snow)
-    nondestructive inspections, photo and video inspection
-    installation of lightning
-    assembling safety nets in rock slopes
-    Installing and removing garlands and decorations Christmas lights from above, fitting various decorations, ornaments and ambient lighting for special events
-    editing different from above